No returns, refunds, exchanges or personal sourcing!


When are the drops / how do I buy one?

Make sure to follow our Instagram to see drop updates posted under the "Drops" story highlight or on our feed. Additionally, located at the top of our website there is the next drop date and time. Sold-out watches will be archived from the website and any remaining watches will be under the "shop" tab in the main menu. 


Do all watches work?

Due to the watches being vintage, some of the watches work and some don't. All information about a watch's working condition will be written in the description. Watches are untested and some may need a quick battery fix, but others may not be able to work even with a new battery. 


Watch sizing?

Watch sizing information will be provided in the description of each item. Some watches aren't able to be resized, but most are - please check the description to see if the item can or cannot be resized. If the watch can be resized there is an "Order Special Instructions" box located on the cart page before checkout. Please include the size you would like your watch in cm and if you prefer it to be loose or tight. 


Are the watches cleaned?

All watches are sanitized and cleaned before shipment. Additionally, a soft toothbrush with mild laundry detergent and warm soapy water can help remove any impurities. Feel free to use the provided cleaning cloth to shine your new piece.


Where are the watches from?

All watches are sourced from various second-hand places whether that's in-store or online. Montre Vintage sells these second-hand items as an easily accessible way to find a beautiful piece, sustainably.


How is pricing determined?

Pricing is determined by various categories such as quality, brand, demand, authenticity, uniqueness, and more. Montre Vintage tries to be as fair as possible with pricing and provides stunning pieces that won't break the bank.


Are there ever restocks?

While the same watch can be found again, some watches are rare and hard to come by. Not every watch is guaranteed to show up again, but you may be surprised to see one of your favorites drop again!